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Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figures coming out in 2016

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Himouto! Umaru-chan is Slice of Life anime series for Siscon (sister lover). Umaru is the troubled heroine, a 16-year-old girl who enjoying daily/lazy life such as eating junk food, sleeping, drinking soft drink, playing video game, and watching TV.
Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figures
Umaru fans will be captivated even more by those trading figures. Umaru didn't come alone, she came with lovely sisters. They look so cute. Yeah, There's a group of loveliness. The desire of your reality is here already!

Let's absorb their loveliness...
Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figures
Umaru is carrying a bag of potato chips and soft drink

Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figures
Umaru is sleeping

Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figures
Umaru size compared with iPhone 6

Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figures
Other lovely characters

Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figures
Umaru makes everything look cute. She's bringing the loveliness into everything

Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figures
Umaru want to eat the pudding

Himouto! Umaru-chan Trading Figures' full set (eight characters/pieces) is priced at 4,800 yen, and will be available in January 2016.

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Finally! May'n best album "Powers of Voice" already released

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May'n Powers of Voice
The best news for May'n fans in this year! Flying Dog, a popular anime label has revealed May'n's first best album "Powers of Voice" tracklist video on Youtube. This is the greatest hits album release of May'n celebrating her 10th career anniversary.

The two-disc Blu-ray album was just released in stores on August 26, 2015. You can't miss this masterpiece album!

May'n Powers of Voice Blu-ray
Mei Nakabayashi (中林 芽依) or May'n (メイン) -her stage name, I think she's really amazing. Her voice is very powerful. You might fall in love with her if you have ever watched Macross Frontier (マクロスF) TV anime series. Her Anisong singing was really excellent.

"Nyan Nyan Special Service Medley" is my top favorite anime theme song.

"Diamond Crevasse" is the second.

May'n "Powers of Voice" Tracklist
Disc 1:
1. "Iteza☆gogo Kuji Don't be Late"
2. "Diamond Crevasse"
3. "Northern Cross"
4. "May'n☆Space"
5. "Kimishinitamou Kotonakare"
6. "Ready Go!"
7. "Pink Monsoon"
8. "Universal Bunny"
9. "Grand Piano"
10. "My Teens, My Tears"
11. "Ai was Furu Hoshi no Gotoku"
12. "Shinjitemiru"
13. "Deep Breathing"

Disc 2:
1. "Scarlet Ballet"
2. "Brain Diver"
3. "Moshimo Kimi ga Negaunonara"
4. "Chase The World"
5. "Aozora"
6. "Mr. Super Future Star"
7. "Heat of The Moment"
8. "Run Real Run"
9. "VIVID"
10. "Kyou ni Koiiro"
11. "Lose My Illusions"
13. "Crazy Crazy Crazy"
14. "Sympathy"
15. "Fall' in or Not"

Official site

Charamin - Let's dance with anime girl on your smartphone

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Charamin OMP
Charamin OMP (キャラミんOMP) is a smartphone application for Anime lovers and Otaku. The application will allow you to listen to your favorite music along with 3D anime girls on the smartphone screen. There is a new character in the latest version. She is Ren-chan, Renge Miyauchi (宮内 れんげ) from Non Non Biyori (のんのんびより) TV anime series. The previous version is squid girl Ika Musume (イカ娘).

Charamin app works by playing music file on your smartphone, the anime girl will dance while you are listening to the music. There are two stages based on the anime places including Asahigaoka school and bus stop.

The app is priced at 680 yen for Android, and 720 yen for iOS.
Official Site:

Maon Kurosaki (黒崎真音) - Harmonize Clover (ハーモナイズ・クローバー) Lyrics

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Maon Kurosaki (黒崎真音) - Harmonize Clover (ハーモナイズ・クローバー) Japanese Kanji & Romaji Lyrics 歌詞
Maon Kurosaki Harmonize Clover
"Harmonize Clover" womanly single from Maon, a Japanese singer-songwriter from Tokyo, which is used as ending theme for "Gakkou Gurashi! (がっこうぐらし!)" TV school-live anime series by Lerche studio.

The lyrics are about schoolgirls' feelings while walking home from school in the evening. The Clover is four-leaf clover, it can be interpreted as four girls from the TV anime series. The evening after school is the great time to share their feelings. They enjoy that moment because the feeling of being together is the rare moment they don't want to forget. They hope that tomorrow will be a good day like today for gathering their good feelings good moments once again.

Slice of Life genre is not always beautiful. Gakkou Gurashi!/School Live! may not be what you think it is. You may need to wipe your tears while watching Gakkou Gurashi! anime. I couldn't stop it now!! I was deeply moved!!! The anime will surprise you with each episode! There're hidden pain and sadness in the story all the time. It's a novelty of School and Slice of Life genres. You'll like this anime if you like lovely school girls, death and zombies!

Artist : Maon Kurosaki
Release Date : 19 August 2015

Kyoushitsu no mado akete
Tewofuru kimi wo mitsuketa yo
Hayaku koko made oide
Kyou mo issho ni kaerou ne

放課後 校庭に書いた
ねぇずーっと そうずっと
Houkago koutei ni kaita
Negai goto hitotsu
Neezutto souzutto
Konomama sugoshitai na

優しい 声が響く
階段 降りたらそこには
いつも同じ 夕焼け空
わからない でもここにあるよ
ねぇ… 毎日のキセキ
見つけたの キミと
Yasashi koe ga hibiku
Kaidan oritara soko ni wa
Itsumo onaji Yuuyake sora
Matteru no
Eien? Nante ne mada
Wakaranai demo koko ni aru yo
Nee… mainichi no kiseki
Mitsuketa no Kimi to

話し足りない なんでだろ?
Kaerimichi no oshaberi
Onnanoko no himitsuda yo ne
5ji no chaimu ga natte mo
Hanashi tarinainandedaro?

小さな 四つ葉のクローバー
ねぇきっと そうきっと
Chiisana yottsu ha no clover
Soyokaze ni yurete
Nee kitto sou kitto
Ashita mo haremasu you ni

みんなで 歩いた道
Ah... 焦げちゃいそうな 羊雲が
色褪せ 思い出になっても
ねぇ… たくさんの笑顔
あげたいな 今は
Minna de aruita michi
“Itsumo no basho” ga aikotoba
Koge chaisouna hitsujikumo ga
Itsuka wa konna hibi ga
Iroase omoide ni natte mo
Nee… takusan no egao
Agetai na ima wa

忘れないで ずっとずっとね..
Chiisana clover
Wasurenaide zuttozutto ne..

みんなと 歩いた道
夕焼け 夜に染まるころ
ねぇ… また聞かせて 魔法の言葉
Minna to aruita michi
Yuuyake yoru ni somaru koro
Nee… mata kika sete mahou no kotoba
“Mata ashita”

優しい 声が響く
階段 降りたらそこには
いつも同じ 夕焼け空
永遠 ほらここにあったよ
ねぇ… たくさんのキセキ
見つけたの キミと
Yasashi koe ga hibiku
Kaidan oritara soko ni wa
Itsumo onaji yuuyake sora
Matte iru yo
Kore ga kitto
Eien hora koko ni atta yo
Nee… takusan no kiseki
Mitsuketa no Kimi to

ねぇ… 毎日のキセキ
あしたもね ずっと
Nee... mainichi no kiseki
Ashita mo ne zutto