Ys Music History

Ys Music History
Ys Music History
Published By : Falcom
Release Date : 17 September 2009
Catalog No. : YS-MUSHY
Number of Discs : 1

1.Innocent Primeval Breaker (Ys SEVEN)
2.Feena (Ys I)
3.First Step Towards Wars (Ys I)
4.The Morning Grow (Ys I)
5.To Make the End of Battle (Ys II)
6.Subterranean Canal (Ys II)
7.Termination (Ys II)
8.The Boy's Got Wings (Ys III)
9.Valestine Castle (Ys III)
10.The Dawn of Ys (Ys IV)
11.Battle #58 (Ys IV)
12.Celceta, The Sea of Trees (Ys IV)
13.Field of Gale (Ys V)
14.Farewell (Ys V)
15.Release of the Far West Ocean (Ys VI)
16.Mighty Obstacle ~ The Wind of Zemeth (Ys VI)
17.Genesis Beyond the Beginning - Opening Version (Ys Origin)
18.Silent Desert (Ys Origin)
19.Scars of the Divine Wing (Ys Origin)
20.Rush Out! Short ver. (Bonus Track)
21.Theme of Adol 2001 (Bonus Track)

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