Arc Rise Fantasia Original Soundtrack

Arc Rise Fantasia Original Soundtrack
Arc Rise Fantasia Original Soundtrack
Published By : Team Entertainment
Release Date : 3 March 2010
Catalog No. : KDSD-00344~6
Number of Discs : 3

Disc 1
1.Luminous Rain
2.Meridian 2nd Hikoutei Squad
3.Contaminant Dragons
4.Imaginal Song
5.A Signpost in the Shades of Trees
7.War Results Within the Heart
8.Vast Lands
9.The Northernmost of the Empire, Topazion
10.Everyday With Peace
11.Moment of Rest
12.Pushing Forward
13.Unexpected Fight
14.Signs of Dark Clouds
15.Imminent Menace
17.The Imperial City of Diamant
19.Friends, Smiles and Joy
20.Copin's Village
21.Taking the Road Through the Wilderness
23.Fighting Spirit Baring the Fangs

Disc 2
1.Peaceful Meeting
2.Anthrax Parish
3.Darkness Spreading Underground
4.Decisive Battle
5.Exposed by the Authority
6.A Decision in the Midst of Sadness
7.People Looking Up to a Small Hope
9.The Town of Freedom, Carbunculus
10.Making Fortunes, Dream Casino
11.Copin Fanfare
12.Copin Race
15.Witch Army ~Luminous Arc Medley~
16.The Holy City, Benetnasch
18.The Voice of a Vanishing Life
19.A Street of Sand and Wind
20.Luminous Cathedral
21.Before the Strong One
22.Light of Purification
23.Galois Ravine
24.Great Existence

Disc 3
1.Chance Meeting with the Rogress
3.Great Legacy
4.Seeking the Rogress
5.Braves, Taking Action
6.Confrontation! Those Breaking Their Will
7.Song of Ruin
8.At the End of Despair
9.Snowdrops Blooming, Opalus
10.Scorching Village, Ferris
11.Mission Chaser
12.Burning in Fighting Spirit
13.Ryfia's Wish
14.Lascarde Skywalk
15.Real Song
16.Chasing a Sworn Enemy
17.Heaven's Tears
18.Sacred Hymn
19.What Awaits at the Farthest Ends
20.Now is the Time of Conclusion
21.The Prayer of Noire
22.In Order to Know the Conclusion
23.Angel Stairs ~crepuscular rays~
24.Awakening, To a World Protected

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