Shining Force Feather 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Alfin

Shining Force Feather Alfin Complete Figure OrchidSeed Sculpted by Kosuke Arai of Arai Kogyo
Cute little girl. She comes with beautiful wings. She looks very cheerful. When you see her wearing this really is a princess.

From the 2009 release, Shining Force Feather, comes the main heroine Alfin - designed by ultra-popular illustrator Noiji Itou! The game featured a number of dresses, and this figure is based on the fire-attribute Flam dress from the game’s official illustration! Featuring a brilliant red main color, numerous intricate details and an amazing use of clear parts in the skit that allow you to see the heroines lovely legs! Even Alfin’s wings have been richly detailed and painstakingly sculpted! Featuring Noiji Itou’s famous energetic, upbeat character design this is a must-have for any fan!
Description from Manufacturer

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