10 easy ways to burn energy

burn energy
Get up walk talking on the phone instead of sitting idle.
For people who work sitting desk. The phone is a good chance that you'll get from your seat at the Chum Pook the whole day. Despite not using much energy, but at least you can move the football stand. Increase the flow of blood through the body. Select the type of wireless phone use will help a lot.
Walked across the office with the document itself.
There are times when you want to file next to the department. Or to walk across the floor if the work is large. Instead of using someone else to do instead. You can try to find any suitable time. Then walked up those documents on your own. In addition to the physically walk Or up and down the stairs. Also have the opportunity to get a connecting relationship with other colleagues separately.
Find time to walk shopping.
The walk to the mall. Or the market as a solution for many. In the leisure holiday. Enjoy not only look comfortable only It is likely that you will not know the exercise. Imagine if all the walking mall on Saturday afternoon. That was you walking up to 4-5 hours non-stop ever. It would be good to wear casual clothes. Enter sports shoes with socks at all bad. Will make your walk more enjoyable.
Paint the house.
Believe that painting your house will consume energy at least, it has about 300 calories per hour. It also allows you to get exercise, arms. And a separate body again.
Home spotlessly clean.
Weekends. If you have clean hands to clean house. The sweep and wipe dry vacuum cleaner will not only provide a window cleaner's home already. Also exercise the power consumption by about 420 calories per hour with.
Garden lawn mower.
For those who are at home. Time spent in Kheuu home turf. Plantation trees are shoveling consumption to 360 calories per hour. Enough to play badminton If the field a little wider walking mower plow some good car. It will consume power up to 420 calories per hour. Hard enough to play tennis ever.
Walking distance, find the office to eat.
Take a lunch to benefit the health and fitness. Walking to find something to eat delicious. Office was a bit far. But rather than rely on the cafeteria every day like a regular building. At least it gives you a chance to walk more. Energy from food consumed. Lower fat, more or less.
Holding a basket do shopping in the supermarket instead of using the cart.
If you want to buy a few pieces of things that you think enough wai held. It should be used instead basket cart. To exert a lifting of the arms during walking. At least it helps burn energy to play like magic. And do not forget to switch the arm and shoulder as the two have equal force.
Walk up stairs instead of elevators.
And up the stairs each time you use energy, about 10 calories per class. A simple chance. To use energy metabolism. Then the other leg has a separate exercise.
Passenger bus or train instead of driving.
When you need to see a friend Or clients outside the office. If the path to the path train. Or buses run through. Try to park your car and use public transport see some Not only save on fuel costs. Also a chance to walk up and down stairs, use more energy to get to experience life along the way that you do not see also.

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