5 Anti-wrinkle Foods

Anti-wrinkle Foods
Wrinkles on the face are signs of wilt Sure enough or old. Have many foods to help slow down the wrinkles of the face below.
1.Sardines, cold water fish rich in omega acids - 3 protein and calcium, sardines, milk, 3 ounces equals 1 cup of calcium (300 mg) with tips says. 19th century Napoleon the Great Rnebsenong preservation. The origin of the fish oil and sardines in tomato sauce was made from that era.
2.Olive oil extracted from blackberry Saturated fat, low rates. To optimize the body type should be used because it is Extra Virgin most pure. It also is loaded with anti-oxidant compounds border posts to stop the growth of cancer cells.
3.Salmon has omega fatty acids - 3 protein and vitamin A needed for brain and heart function. It is also important sources of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, selenium, iron and zinc, if eating salmon with fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts can reduce the incidence of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
4.Honey, there are hundreds of species in the world. Color and flavor will be different according to the type of pollen. In addition, filled with excellent food. Also, the quality of healing of wound infections. As well as help keep the moisture and add flexibility to the skin.
5.Yoghurt as a food in the world's oldest species. Not less than 10,000 years is assumed that the original inhabitants, Turkey or Iran. The first cup of yogurt occurred haphazardly Collected from milk in goatskin bags. Later recognized that Heal the symptoms that occur with the digestive system and helps detoxify the longevity

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