7 Regulations for sleep problems

Conduct the following as a guideline for people with insomnia problems. Especially in chronic insomnia. Used as guidelines. This may help put these issues gradually Improved to be more or less. The treatment of insomnia usually requires some time. Outcomes are often not seen that yielded instant results, but a gradual improvement in order
1.Go to bed when feeling sleepy.
2.If you will be asleep during the afternoon nap. May, from time to nap on a regular basis. It should not exceed 1-2 hours and do not nap after 15:00 o'clock because it could affect sleep that night was.
3.Do not sleep on the bed and not sleep. With the idea that I want to compensate for sleep as much as possible. This will make it even worse quality of sleep. And the discontinuity of sleeping more.
4.Should wake up in the morning as a regular time every day.
5.Trying to find time to fit exercise, health on a regular basis. This point is important. Because the study found that regular exercise in the elderly is associated with quality of sleep improved.
6.Avoid certain drugs or chemicals that can affect sleep. Such as coffee, cigarettes etc.
7.Be careful about the use of sleeping pills. Do not use sleeping pills continuously without consulting their doctor. Because the use of sleeping pills continuously for a while it will interfere with our sleep.

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