8 Rules eat honey as Chinese Studies

1.Diabetic patients do not eat. Because honey is glucose. And fructose that can be absorbed into the body immediately. Will cause high blood sugar levels quickly. Pancreatic secretion of insulin is not enough.
eat honey
2.Do not eat large amounts. Average per day from 1 to 2 tablespoons, about 20 gram increase in consumption may be a special case. But should not exceed 50 grams per day.
3.People diarrhea. It will take more. Because honey absorbs water, making driving more stools.
4.Patients with vomiting. Or chronic dermatitis. Due to residual moisture.
5.The water heated up to about 40 degrees. Do not use any hot water. It will destroy the value of the enzymes, vitamins and amino acids and valuable substances. In summer, use cold water to drink brew. But be a little ginger juice mixed with anti-gastric cooling effect.
6.Do not eat with tofu Because tofu has a sweet taste with salt cool features. Driving heat distribution properties of blood. When eating together, diarrhea, simple Another reason is the activity of honey will react with organic compounds, minerals, protein of tofu. Will be subordinated to the nutritional value.
7.Do not eat with Chinese Chives. Because the Chinese Chives have much vitamin C will react with copper metal. Honey and iron in the oxidation The value dwindle another reason. Honey to drain Chinese. Chives are a lot of fiber. When eating together will cause diarrhea easy.
8.Do not eat with onions and garlic. Effect of honey will dwindle.

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