Advantages and disadvantages of the position of sleep

position of sleep
Did you know. Posture of sleep each position are the advantages and disadvantages of different.

Lie on one's back before he can be considered as standard But the lie flat position for people with back pain that Will cause intense pain. Sleep should be used under the pillow, vice thigh brace or place both feet on the bed. Including regular exercise should be a day from 10 to 15 minute to help teachers reduce muscle tension and relieve the back pain as well.

Horizontal tilt your right side before. Are prone at best. If compared with other sleep posture. Because the heart beats and convenience foods from the stomach into the small intestine is compressed well. And is prone to help relieve back pain as well. Also before you tilt left and right side, and reduced noise was snoring. In the snoring from obstructive upper airway. Eignaun long as the tongue base tonsil grow very thick. Or nasal obstruction.

Prone prone to breathing difficulty is not easy. Especially in women with large breast. Men prone to cause the penis is over all the time. Until the numbness of the penis so. If you need to lie prone Should find a pillow under the chest.

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