Avant-conquer dirt

Eliminate pathogens with lemon rind, know it or not. Lemon peel can help to eliminate pathogens as furniture. Lemon Lime is a big thick yellow rind. When squeezed lemon juice out of her already. Can peel the removal bacteria species of bacteria the sofa curtain carpet was. How to do is slice peel lemon 1 results then dried one day and then find a glass cleaner to put vinegar 500 ml. Finished, the shell Dried lemon to put in the bottle. Cover and shake to combine. Then the sun from 10 to 14 day to complete the water put in a syringe. And the injection to the area to eliminate the disease at all.

How to use the shower house and have never been cleaned. How to do is take a plastic bag, add vinegar and moderate leaves. I put the bag of vinegar shower bag and tie securely. Leave a refund from the shower to wash off with water. That's it, it will get a shower, clean water is flowing too easily. This method is suitable for a shower is not removable.

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