Aware of Hair Care

Hair Care
Hair on the scalp are responsible for preventing body heat loss. And skin, not to be dangerous. It is also the key to the personality of the body. That affect people's minds.

Shampoo. One of the factors that caused my problem. Close to you, but what is overlooked is that the shampoo you use on a regular basis. Some even say that he is ever to change brands. But you know that cleaning agents that are mixed in nearly every shampoo brand Most of the effect of chemicals and harsh cleaning agents with a high pH. These compounds cause irritation to the scalp. Cumulative and residual hair cells. Including the hair root. Melanin and the hair cells and skin cells. With the more frequent dry stiff stiff broom. He brushed away. And it makes the scalp more because these compounds are substances leaching and severe erosion of natural fat that helps me to gloss coating. Body fat is to drive out more compensation. It is the cause of the scalp, scalp shampoo it more the more it Some irritating the uppermost layer of skin cells can cause dandruff, but do not know the real reason for removing dandruff shampoo I had bought used. In addition to this type of shampoo that contains SLS and a mixed inhibitor of unusually high growth of the uppermost layer of cells. But that does not fix the cause. Stop signs are used when it is back again. The cell surface must be exposed to chemicals. And are pressed to work at all. Dandruff is a chronic cause.

Hair cream for those who like soft, smooth hair. May not know the danger of silicone compounds. Usually ends with a thicone like Simethicone Diethicone or other coatings to make hair soft, smooth shiny hair is easy, but spring comb through the hair coat residues. When used continuously for a long time to accumulate knowledge clogged hair. I worked the cell abnormalities. The venting. Absorption of nutrients decreased. And cause hair loss when used long term. Difficult to avoid the additives increase the foam concentrate. The cleverly that most manufacturers have used the DEA. The fear that may cause cancer in some countries and need to opt out. Another group of substances that may cause allergies in use on a regular basis but it is like to use. Synthesis of other fragrant smell. Beautiful coloring and Lanolin.

Demodex. Another one of the reasons you might not know is the Demodex. The contact by touch. Mite breeding. Live and strive to eat food that makes hair root hair malnutrition. Hair is smaller thinner lighter lack vibrancy and white also can damage the structure of cell hair cause hair loss or twist when the mites crawl on the scalp or skin, especially at night will You make the car feel nervous sensitivity Iibๆ. We will let it go waste. And leaving a copy out. Cause garbage on the scalp. This is the food of bacteria, viruses and Rick Get Sierra joints of small leg mites. Thus causing infection inflammatory acne or pimple red on the scalp. And more importantly, if the body caused hostility What a waste excreted. Dead mites and debris. Reaction. Sensitization. Such as cosmetics, soap, or even lose their own sweat. Because the legs of mites for about a sharp nail. Allowing the skin to. Irritation and reaction. The outer wall skin cells rapidly. The cell wall and disintegration mask out faster than a normal birth or flakes of dandruff on the scalp.

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