Excellent food that makes a good mood

Excellent food
Eating is the most important thing for us. Get help to maintain emotional equilibrium. It also helps to create a chemical in the brain. Make our hearts calm and cool up.

If you want to change yourself in a good mood. These foods can help.

Salmon and Mackerel, these two types of omega-3 is a lot. Important research has been that the omega-3 affects our mood. In addition to the omega-3 helps prevent heart disease and cancer. Better than the salmon, rich in selenium. The active ingredients in anti-oxidants.

Canola Oil. oil from the flowers Canola, which are gaining popularity. Rich in vitamin E because of the effect on the level of our emotions. However, oil is fat. Should be eaten no more than 6 teaspoons per day or 24 grams.

Fresh spinach and beans. In a dark green leafy vegetables. Spinach or beans. Folate is high. Gives us an emotional level in normal Because folate is an important part in creating. serotonin. Better than that. Eating beans helps the body to vitamin C and fiber. Encourage healthy food choices, beans, fresh Symptoms because it contains more than canned beans. Or it can be added with green leafy vegetables. May be more the body gets more nutrients. Get spinach can also help solve the abscess antibiotics cure the rash, and serum was used as a diuretic.

Chicken, food with vitamin B 6 in large quantities. Chicken will help create more serotonin in our bodies. And also as a source of selenium. Vitamins and other nutrients. If eating chicken into large amounts of fat the body will increase. If you choose to eat chicken. No skin should choose a better.

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