How a simple massage

Start from the forehead. Use the middle finger and ring finger. From the middle of the forehead, massage the vertical coil. (Heavy to light up.) Massage to the temple, 6 strokes, repeat the last three times by pressing the point that temple for relaxation.

Eye. And lifting lips. Use your middle finger and ring finger gently massage around the eyes, starting from the bottom eye line skeleton. Of light to come from a time repeat 3 times then start massage from the area under the nasal cavity. Pat out the side in a manner to lift the skin up to three touches time, and slide your finger down the area under the lower lip. Rubbed out along the lip in a manner raised repeated 3 times.

Muscle lifting the corners mouth Use fingertips to massage both sides of the center of his chin up in the corner of mouth lift characteristics Repeat 3 times.

Lifting the cheek muscles. Use fingertips to massage both sides of the mouth corner lift the skin in any way as a wide angle. Hold a moment and then rubbed down repeated 3 times.

Relax the tension around the eyes. Use your middle finger and ring finger, press the head, eyes, and 2 side 1-3 and then press gently rubbed on the eyelids. Round and round eyes. Back to press the head eyes repeated 3 times over the last rubbed his eyes to the pressure points at the temple.

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