How to Choose Moisturizer worth

Water is very important to the skin. The ticket that allows the skin is soft and smooth. And maintaining flexibility of the skin. Also in the process of skin flaking off the floor. Enzyme that acts to help shed the skin cells need water to work. Therefore, if a decrease in the surface water may make this process wrong.

Factors affecting the moisture of the skin.
1.Heredity skin characteristics of individuals are not equal. Depending on each person's genetic characteristics that the surface how addition of various kinds of skin diseases, genetic. Diseases such as allergic skin rash. Leads to dry skin than normal.
2.Environment. Environment around us, affecting the very dry skin. In our country have high humidity in the atmosphere. The high incidence of skin diseases are not like those in Western countries. However, be careful in the winter. Because cold air and moisture in the atmosphere will be greatly reduced until The loss of water from the skin increases. Making dermatitis from dryness
3.Age when older people. Natural mechanisms that keep the moisture on the skin is reduced. Gland, skin, fat and fatty substances are reduced. Dry skin, we often see happen to the elderly. Especially women, aged 45 years or more.
4.Behavior and lifestyle. People like frequent hand washing. Laundering with soap as a base for. The sun regularly or work outdoors. Sun, wind and moisture, chemicals in the atmosphere will influence the waste water from the skin. Cause dry skin conditions.

About Moisturizer
Moisturizer is a substance outside the paint can add moisture to the skin. May contain various components, such as cream, lotion, wax, etc. of the Moisturizer are as follows.
1.Substances to leak through the block Occlusive. The effect by block through the leak. When applied on the skin will spread out the skin covering a thin film. To keep the water leak to the exterior skin. Acts like a light anti-armor, not to chemical skin irritation.
2.Substance that absorbs water Humectant. Moisturizer These add moisture to the skin by binding water in the skin, not to evaporate. These substances include latic acid, polyol, mucopolysaccharide, urea, glycerol, etc. These substances, when paint on the skin. Skin irritation may be. Iibๆ makes sense. Be careful, especially on skin that is inflamed.
3.Any other substance. Moisturizer mixed in order to add more features from the. Moisture alone. Popular sunscreen compounds such as AHA, which helps shed the outer skin cells faster. Substance that helps the skin such as vitamins C, E, Niacinamide etc.

Moisturizer should apply to clean skin after taking a shower or new. Because the compound is absorbed into the skin better. Apply evenly to coat the skin. Finger presses lightly. To spread the cream over the skin. In case of skin infection, consult a dermatologist.

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