How to eat healthy?

eat healthy
A start on breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal. It not only add energy to body and brain ready to work efficiently throughout the day. Breakfast also prevent diabetes. Heart disease and obesity also. Because breakfast is a basic behavior that affect the mind and life force throughout the day. Important in helping to reduce blood cholesterol levels. Reduce the risk of heart disease. Help to improve metabolism. Make you eat less on the other hand. Later, as a matter of drinking water. If someone does not like drinking water, this is very important as well. Because normally people should drink water 2 liters per day at least. Who are overweight should drink more and more. And will be more like if that person exercises or is in any symptoms or hot dry Cold water will be absorbed in the body faster than warm water. The importance of drinking water will help to nourish the body's cells. Excrete waste recovery system, particularly the fat must be removed. That if the body has enough water, it can get rid of these bad out. It also helps maintain the concentration of blood Muscle is wet. It also makes the skin is not wrinkled. Refreshments throughout the day will ever. Change themselves to fish as a lover. Eating fish at least once a week. Both intelligent and hard minerals D. Because fish is omega-3 fatty acids. And protein that helps regulate the heartbeat to normal. And maintain brain cells. There is also a delicious low fat, easy to digest for people who want to streamline the robot. Later, try to eat fruits and vegetables to various multi-colored red in tomatoes and watermelon helps prevent many types of cancer, particularly prostate cancer. And the latest information believed to prevent colon cancer. And pancreatic cancer was. Purple grapes inhibit the function of an enzyme that allows cancer cells to generate Broccoli is a green block with anti-cancer risk. Such as indole The Car million flights. And O isolates Ah Ya Net site. The orange carrot Will help protect cells and prevent the cancer cells. I knew this, then do not stick with anything to eat alone. Because different colored plants. Different nutrients. Get It adds color to a meal and eat it with. Change the cooking oil used is olive oil or sunflower oil instead of cooking oil previously used. It is a fat that is not harmful to the body. Saturated fatty acids and helpful. Reduce fat in the blood as well. Major oil and fry must not be used repeatedly. Because once a long time to accumulate in the body can cause diseases Ma speeds. Strengthen bones by drinking milk, eating small fish and a bone to eat tofu and soy products, green leafy vegetables, because calcium is essential to build strong muscles and bones to the nervous system to function to its full potential. A familiarity with the consumption of grains and brown rice Sunflower seeds. Sorghum and millet Including the rice used to think that a bird food. Education and Research has found that reducing the risk of heart disease and 1 in 3 ever since rich in fiber. To reduce cholesterol levels. And control blood sugar balance. Nuts to habitual Beans are one of the foods you eat every day to day break for 2 tablespoons, whether as a dessert dish. That are either free of protein, vitamins and minerals, many important types gathered to protest in these beans. Should eat nuts regularly. But, do not eat a lot at a time. Because it has high calories. Obesity can cause. Important to say goodbye to eat candy and little by little cut of cake, cookies, donuts, please type a soft cream. From some life. Then turned to eat the fruit as snacks instead of vitamins and fiber in the fruit. Useful than the fat and sugar candy.

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