How to eat the skin to be beautiful

How to eat
1.Orange rich in anti-oxidants. Nourish your skin to look bright young
2.Lemon enriched with vitamin C. Useful surface and also helps clean the liver, which acts wastes from the body.
3.Carrot. APPRECIATION beta carotene. This will change the vitamin. The necessary food for the skin.
4.Kiwifruit. Contains Vitamin C that will be useful to build collagen.
5.Avocado is rich in vitamin E nourish skin Eating avocados the day. Provide sufficient vitamin E to the needs of the body in each day.
6.Yogurt helps to excrete Dull skin does not make clear.
7.Seeds, nuts. Rich in protein. Essential nutrients for beautiful skin.
8.Sesame rich in B vitamins, zinc and potassium. Help build the new cell. Make your skin look younger is always bright.
9.Spinach. Enriched with iron Nourish your skin to look radiant with a healthy pink.
10.Fatty fish. Fish such as salmon and fish oil helps your skin firm. No wrinkles.

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