Japanese girl group AKB48 Top Pre-orders singles Beginner more than one million

AKB48 Beginner
Who among the Japanese people crazy, but this girl. group from Korea Proof that demonstrates how the Japanese girl groups still dominate the mind. Japan is certainly Is the very best. For the band girl group AKB48's famous Japanese who now have a new record. With a total pre-orders the single "Beginner" to more than one million copies already.

According to a report from the Oricon said. If pre-sales of singles as this is correct. Single "Beginner" to record up to par with 'Addicted to you' portfolio of single Utada Hikaru in 1999. As representatives of Tower Record has revealed that the amount of pre-order this A balance that is almost as much as the other artists in the camp was Johnny's Entertainment Groups can the artists in this camp are ARASHI, Tackey & Tsubasa, KAT-TUN, etc.

If the total amount of pre-order sales of real change. AKB48 be considered in this overwhelmingly successful. Because in the Japanese music industry often have to fight arms competition in the high sales of CDs.

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