Kamikyoku Tachi Perfect for AKB48 newbies

[Review] If you like fun girl bands like Morning Musume then you should check out AKB48. Personally I think the songs on this album are a lot better than the previous one. I wasn't able to keep up with their releases most of the time so this is a great compilation of whatever they've done for the past one or two years. Most of the songs are fun and fast paced, which are what sugary cute girl bands are good at so everyone will have a good time bopping along.

I am pleased with my purchased. The album is a great collection of the girls singles from early 2008. The songs features the girls signature sugary melody and awesome lyrics if you understand them. They also have good ballad/choir song like the excellent "Sakura no Shiori". The Limited Edition comes with an awesome dance DVD feature of their hits with an exclusive camera from alot of angles to experience the well co-ordinated dance moves from the band. Overall, it's a must purchased to an exsiting fan. For the newcomers, this is a good album to start off with and witness the sensational AKB48.

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