Lemon scent helps relieve stress

Lemon scent
Aromatherapy. The science of using volatile aroma to help health care. In the form of essential oil extracted from the intensely Both for beauty. In the form of cosmetics. To health And used to worship. Especially for beauty. Essential oils are used as features for the recovery of skin toxins and antiseptics, etc.
We can use to keep your skin youthful. Acne scar repair points or reducing hair and wrinkled skin. Using the form of lotion or massage oil, bath soap, shampoo used for health With a powerful muscle relaxant. Pain relief for sterilization, etc.
We can use essential oils to relieve or help maintain our health. Both physically and mentally. Particularly the problems caused by stress. The synthetic drug has side effects, high While essential oils are natural substances. The residue and the side effects that are less than or none at all. Made and used since ancient
Lemon scientific and medical studies and found that The scent of lemon. Especially from the shell. Reduce stress. The use of aromatic substitution of drug use. This lemon essential oil odor. Have effects on various systems. Through the skin. Help stop the infection from insect bites, wounds, etc., including lemon scent also helps to lower blood pressure as well.

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