Muscle exercise for women who love shopping

Woman with shopping. What is a separate not really. You can see that the girls. To be happy and forget everything when I go shopping. Even at the discounted price of the hammer Mid-Night, or the cells. Various department stores. And may forget that our bodies will have to bear the weight of the lot. And cause many young shoppers pain caused by parts. The body follows. Problems of the girls who love shopping, it is often found.
Muscle pain. Because the shoulder and back muscles work harder. The convulsion Due to bearing or carrying heavy bags.
Wrist pain. Tea by the end of inches. Because of a pocket or bag strap around your arms and wrists are. The nerve being pressed. May cause finger numbness by many. Some people may be hurt as fire Shore Tong running all the time. If a lot can cause symptoms of muscle weakness has hands.
Tendon inflammation. It may be an area shoulder tendon. The elbow tendon sheath covering the tendon inflammation inches. And if carrying very heavy. Tendon sheath may cover the finger inflammation. If left can cause acute membrane Trigger finger. But do not know if anyone can quit. Shopping has. It should find a way to prevent the pain these
as follows
Avoid using very large bag. It is even unaware of the add too. Weight will contrast with Changed into a bag the right size to shape their own is better.
Upload your shopping cart or a shopping mall is a good choice for health.
Choose comfortable shoes when walking shopping.
An executive-inch wrist, elbow and shoulder to avoid a simple tips or tendon inflammation. Such as standing against the wall, then use the thumb and index finger, middle finger solemnly and climb up onto the wall 10 times. Turn left wrist in a circle right 10 time management arm forward shoulder rotation in a circle after each side 10 times.
If you feel muscle pain, very Use the cold plate to relieve pain in 1 to 2 days first and then use the hot compression plate with light stretching exercises. Or drug use massage Medication or pain relief with time. If symptoms do not improve should consult a physician.

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