No sleep trying to sleep

No sleep trying to sleep
Research indicates that About 8 hours of sleep is the best time for a good sleep. And the time when a light lunch. Daniel is the Empire Zero growth hormone secretion Nin out to stimulate the body's activities. The New Day Zero growth will lower the body down to rest. As well as the Empire Daniel Melanie growth hormone is secreted Nin. Out to the body to fall asleep. Until near morning. Is reduced, we just wake up. If we assume the force of natural sleep Honor may cause loss of balance and can cause illness.

When we go without a wink of sleep will notice that sometimes fatigue, dizziness, fatigue and pain. Digestive system malfunction. Constipation, high blood pressure symptoms of depression despondent, and if sleep Honor points may be very serious step to the nervous system malfunction. Until symptoms are delusional.

Therefore, if I look up at the clock at midnight and then. But not sleep. Not recommended to drink coffee. It will cause dizziness. Do not drink cow's milk. It is high in fat. Time of 3-4 hours Sub disturbing stomach Eat warm foods easy to digest.

Meanwhile, if the wake up and feel tired from sleeping late. Suggest that warm water bath or other organized around three minutes and cold water bath for 2 minutes to switch 3 around the body. More active than drinking coffee or tea in the morning. Also, eat foods rich in vitamin C and B. To help relax the tension of the body such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

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