Stress relaxation therapy with a bath

Hot water for bathing water. The temperature at 37 degrees Celsius or more. Temperature at this level will allow better blood circulation. Is suitable for use lazy activation symptoms. But should not shower for too long. Because the blood vessels expand and cause dry skin. A bad rash, skin to shrink more than that. May cause congestion. Nervous exhaustion nervous Ongnyongehongr dull not ideal for the elderly. Or unusual pressure.

If the hot water temperature is 27-37 degrees Celsius at this level will help stimulate the autonomic nervous and physical, psychological comfort to reduce stress fever. Cold water temperature will be lower than 27 degrees Celsius cooler will help stimulate muscle Helps firm skin energetic pores tighten If the shower hand clap. Throughout the body. Stimulates the skin and relax muscles.

How to bath water. To start chasing the middle toe to the body. To adjust the temperature. To begin a bath. If the shower water should be started strong and then injected over the aid in relaxation.

Parts of warm water then soak about 10 minutes, then stand up Scrub shower hair brush teeth and then to dip again to extend the lines in the body, comfort the skin relieve hands and feet cold swollen veins request. Dog helps stimulate the flow of blood fat. but do not use hot water. And do not soak for too long. Peel the skin can cause eczema.

The best time to shower it. If exercise It back to no less than half an hour. And should not shower immediately after eating. This may cause indigestion. Best way is to shower before or after a meal at least 2 hours.

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