Tips remain young

Tips remain young
1.Degeneration lot of calories fast eating the high calorie burn the body with many nutrients. Causing free radicals in the body increases. The food we eat, whether as carbohydrate, protein, fat, Finally, it is biodegradable sugar If the body weight of calories every meal. Would result in high blood sugar levels low body must secrete insulin to glucose at all times kept in a cell. People with this lifestyle would be the risk of diabetes, which is one factor. To make quick

2.Eat various sources. Choose organic vegetables or a variety of producers. We do not know the source of contaminants is growing or not. This helps reduce the accumulation of something in the body. Because research has indicated that Reduction of food with no toxic effects as well as food production from various sources.

3.Hot bad frame not Work. Avoid eating food that is manufactured or hot and crunchy fried crisp In addition to loss of nutrient value then. Also increased more with carcinogens. Switching to organic food than steamed or boiled, or processed is better.

4.Reduce caffeine normal thyroid hormone secretion to stimulate the body to burn the body, blood. Party sections. Enough to create fresh natural already. If the drink has caffeine to stimulate the body to secrete a substance well Manali. As on a regular basis. Oadrinrein work like thyroid hormone. The body to reduce thyroid hormone by default. Resulting in thyroid wear faster than normal.

5.Drink more milk to osteoporosis. Adults do not have digestive enzymes in milk. Especially in Asians is the incidence of Cow's Milk Intolerance than people, America and Europe. In addition, the latest research in America found that People who drink milk a lot. The risk of osteoporosis, more The reason is, some amino acids in the milk makes the blood acidic. Result in the loss of bone calcium and magnesium in the urine. Increase the risk of osteoporosis in adults. Choose a good review of calcium from other sources such as small fish or tofu, grains are better.

6.Drinking water from the bottle. Drinking pure water from the bottle better than drinking water from plastic bottles. Because the toxins in the plastic melt mixed in the water all the time. The body has been toxic.

7.Page to fit over it. You have seen people removing the body are hard and your face. Or someone office organized a sudden heart attack, but suddenly the central stadium or not. That is because the body metabolism increases. Cause free radicals more than ever. Cause of the degeneration of the body. So exercise, aerobic appropriate that it should be 30 to 45 minutes per day

8.Drink a lot. The man becomes a woman. Drinking alcohol causes free radicals in the body. And alcohol drinking, diabetes to become as fat. If compared to get the calories from protein, 1 gram of energy 4 kilo calories, but these quantities are equal, the power to 7 kilo calorie free to make men drink folding like a bucket of beer, bald with breast milk as a woman.

9.Stop smoking but lost today. Smoking a Cigarette activated free radicals increased 1014 million molecules. Create the risk of disease, air sac aneurysms and cancer.

10.Avoid heavy metals and mercury. In America and Europe to ban the Amalgum made from mercury, a heavy metal. Fillings in patients. . It was found that the volatile emissions of mercury into the body over time. Research has indicated that people with breast cancer and Al may interfere with the part to the mercury and heavy metals. Current German adoption of zirconium diamond Russia to fill teeth, including producing an artificial bone and implants instead. It does not react to the body.

11.Place a phone call. The research that the use of mobile phones that use high frequency. Increased risk of cancer. If possible, put the phone away from your body is better.

12.Go to bed since four pm. From 4 pm to beat the two is that the body produces a hormone melatonin, which resulted in a deep sleep. Make good memories. As antioxidants. And the secretion of other hormones. Balance in the body. At the same time period in which the body resulting in a deep sleep Go Mart send out to hormone supplements. Protein in the body.

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