Top food nourishes wisdom. Spark to the brain

Spark to the brain
The Blue Berry. Ingredient in this type of fruit. Process, the quality of protection. That cause dementia. It also does not slow the brain down to the fast-aging.
Egg breakfast this type. Rich in selenium. Minerals help maintain the brain To remain young always have time for years.
Mustard, what makes it a incredible feature. Turmeric is the head. The consumption per day or 17 mg per day was eating mustard 1 teaspoon to wake genes that control the disposal of the cells in the brain. The more active.
Salmon pink flesh of this fish rich in omega -3 fatty acids. Species is believed to have anti-aging properties of the aging brain, most
Kelly vegetables. Which is a type of cabbage. If a Dog eat vegetables at least 3 times a day. Substance carotene and at least Grand FLAVONOIDS least in Istanbul, vegetables Will help slow down Alzheimer's disease, because of the slower old.

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