Utada warned fans do not buy albums Utada The Best

Once a week ago. As fans know that. Utada Kikaru the jurisdiction of the girls are planning to release the popular English-language works include the name "Utada The Best" came out on November 24 the same day the album hits Japanese called "Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2. "On the night the past week. She has written a message to Twitter as an official. The album "Utada The Best" is not any result of her decision at all.

The text is in Japanese and English. She criticized Universal Japan concerned about the decision to releasing "Utada The Best" on the same day that his performance hit. Single her to be issued by EMI Music. She said "I understand that if it doesn't sell I'm the one who will take the hit, but to be honest, I don't want my fans putting down money. for something that my heart isn't in."She also pointed out that. The album included nothing new at all.

Utada reveals that she plans to come out talking about the situation in detail again. Total work order "Untada The Best" is now over and started. But she begged to be people who are considering order to take off first.

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