10 benefits provided foot care

foot care
1.Wash feet with soap and water. And use clean cloth to dry lining every corner.
2.Survey feet every day for a wound or not. The look in the mirror.
3.Apply cream or lotion over the instep and foot. Moisture to avoid the corner toe.
4.Wear cotton socks that are well ventilated.
5.Choose Insert shoes to fit feet. Not too loose, not tight.
6.Avoid soaking your feet in warm water or hot water is strictly prohibited. This may cause your feet to blister.
7.The cut nail should be cut straight and corner nail filings. To prevent nail specialists to figure out, or a nail cut.
8.Keep the foot massage is always to improve blood circulation.
9.Avoid smoking to prevent blood vessel narrowing.
10.If you find a foot ulcer should seek a doctor for immediate treatment.

Choosing shoes
- Choose shoes to suit activity
- Select a shoe on the floor in soft shoes. Reduce pressure on foot. As well as various shocks.
- Choose shoes that are not tight or too loose.
- Select a shoe that can be adjusted to fit the foot. Such as a rope or cable tie fitting, buying shoes the afternoon. It is a moment at the foot extend the most

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