10 tips to stimulate the brain clear

brain clear
1. With express breakfast. Important to increase energy to the brain is the food. We should eat three meals are mandatory. And it is very important meal. Since breakfast is enhanced to work with us. It also helps reduce stress as well.

2. Sip water frequently because the human brain contains 85% water. We need to drink enough water is 8-10 glasses per day may not need to drink each glass but to modify the sip frequently. instead There is also the latest research from medical school Vander Built, Tennessee, United States that People who drink fruit and vegetable juice regularly will help reduce the chance that the disease may interfere al, Alzheimer disease, up to 79%.

3. Practice deep breathing. This is to give oxygen to the brain is sufficiently And practicing deep breathing to remove oxygen in the lungs, it will help increase oxygen delivery to the brain more.

4. Take some time to mount it with some friends. Research has found that stress caused by loneliness will cause Labour Court in Salt Lake Martin too much. This results in decreased efficiency of the brain. Therefore, researchers recommend that people turn to relax with a piece of trivia to talk with colleagues. Or they may be mounted to sit during lunch with some friends to help relieve stress. In addition, while we may be talking about to laugh and smile. The laugh and smile often helps people to relax.

5. Dark chocolate stimulates the brain to the latest research of the University of Nottingham out that ingredients in dark chocolate is FLAVONOIDS Do Grand. The effect of stimulating blood flow to a culture different parts of the brain better. So someone who already like to eat chocolate to eat it happily. Just select the eating dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. In addition to substance FLAVONOIDS Grand Do not be in the dark. Then chocolate. Also found in green tea, blueberry and red wine with

6. Practicing meditation, you may do so by the meditation in the morning or before bed each day about 15 minute to relax the brain, fine the way that scientists suggest is. To walk barefoot on the rough surface to enhance meditation. Like walking on a gravel surface. This will make the system work better in the inner ear. When the system works well to help balance the body's good as well.

7. Eat mashed potato, enhance memory. Yes, I can not believe that you like? Mashed potatoes will help enhance the recall. However, it is gone anyway because it was found that Glucose in potatoes is to enhance a Comment acid million choline. The neurotransmitters that stimulate and inhibit the human nervous system. If at any acid choline Contact million decrease would cause memory and concentration with less.

8. Eat nutritious foods and supplements. Eating foods that are full of interest among not only help protect the health and physical. Also gives good brain health as well in.. Eating the good fats such as fish oil, salmon oil, soybean Primrose. Will allow the body has good fats to replace worn fat in the brain.

In addition, research in the journal also reported that Lance set. If people eat folic acid to meet the needs of the body. Is about 400 micrograms per day and folic acid can help slow the degeneration of the brain. The iron will affect the ability to learn and remember. Therefore, the lack of these nutrients the body. The food supplement can help.

9. About releasing and forgiving. Of releasing some of the story. And forgiveness that will allow our brains to remember in. burden. Because while we watch some pondering about the subject, it will cause stress in a time when we are angry at themselves or angry people. Brain will have to work hard. So we practice releasing and forgiving each other better every day.

10. Surfing poem or prayer on a regular basis. This is because research has found that If people have read and explore repeatedly. This will stimulate remember. What we should do is surf or surf poem prayer lesson a week over a week is enough to try to review it. Surfing to remember that much.

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