10 Ways to sleep

10 Ways to sleep
1.Bed not too hard and have the flexibility of movement.
2.Taking a hot shower. Helps to increase body temperature. Muscle relaxing sleep.
3.Exercise regularly. But avoid exercise before bed. This will stimulate the muscles. And release of phenolic End Waiting in the body to fall asleep more difficult than ever.
4.To avoid a stimulus to sleep could not. Such as caffeine, nicotine, and sweet foods.
5.Wearing the clothes fit. Ventilation is good Cotton and linen fabrics.
6.Drops of lavender essential oil smell a small amount on the pillow. Lavender fragrance candle before going to bed.
7.Chamomile tea. Tea or Pepper Mint.
8.Milk warm before going to bed to help fall asleep.
9.Do not eat heavy meals before bedtime.
10.Not to drink too much water before going to bed.

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