6 easy way to drink properly

drink properly
Drink at least 6-8 glasses per day. This includes water bodies are all on a daily basis. Whether it is water from vegetables, fruit, soup or noodles, water etc.

Drink every time you feel thirsty. And should drink slowly. Do not drink a lot individually. It will add a burden on the digestive system, kidney, lung, spleen and digestive system.

Avoid eating foods that are too strong. It will make you feel thirsty than usual. Drinking too much water will cause the body to work hard and premature decay.

Do not drink cold water. Because the internal organs of the body to adjust the temperature of cold water to body temperature before use. Which affect the digestive system. As a result, the body weak. Best way is to drink warm water regularly to help sweat The key should not drink water during the meal. Because it will dilute the gastric juice. Slow down the digestive system. Nutrients the body has not fully.

When you feel thirsty to eat soup often. We eat food, drinking water, hot water or broth Sod solving stiff neck In addition, chewing food slowly. Thoroughly before swallowing, to reduce water thirst.

Wake up after drinking water. If the drinking water was really beneficial to the body. Drink immediately after wake up before eating an hour and a half hours after the full of food and better health.

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