Benefits of chewing the food slowly

chewing food slowly
- Chewing food 30 times in each meal, at least to help gums healthy and helps to treat emotional irritability, tension and anger easily.
- Chewing food 50 times will help reduce the anxiety of emotion. Especially eating. It also helps to reduce obesity. Because water does not contain excessive absorption into the body.
- Chewing food 60 times for chewing food with too much longan pulp. Help relieve constipation. Brain function. Allows the brain to function more effectively.
- Chewing food 80 times to help with more sense. Memory and better To recognize and classify the taste of food. Both natural and food additives that are toxic to the body quickly.
- 100 times to chew food, you manage to solve the problem quickly. Calm, cool, eat less, but the body can absorb more nutrients. As well as help reduce the appetite of meat.
- 150 times to chew food system of the stomach and intestines better While helping to control emotions is normal.
- Chewing food, food 200 times a word at any meal. Has recovered from chronic gastritis. And stomach.

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