Dining tips

Dining tips
1. Food Group for Rice and flour have to eat to eat it just should not abstain. This may cause blood sugar dropped. Resulting in neonatal body lower blood sugar. For rice and flour that is suitable for those who want to control the weight should be chosen through attrition low. Such as rice, bread, cereal, because it is absorbed into the body slowly.
2. The food or meat protein. Movie next choose to not install it. Avoid processed meat. Such as sausage, ham, sausage, because the high energy and a lot of hidden fat.
3. Milk tasteless low-fat selection. If yogurt is recommended natural flavor. If you want to taste, then add fresh fruit.
4. Fat food group. Fat is also essential in order to dissolve some of the vitamins. Advisable monounsaturated fat. Such as soybean oil, rice bran oil, except for palm oil, coconut milk and coconut. Cooking and cooking instructions for using mobile phones, boiled, steamed, poached, grilled, stir fried with oil instead of a lot.
5. Food, high fiber. From fruits and vegetables, dried beans (green beans, red beans, black beans), mostly It kind of fiber, particularly soluble. Such as pectin in apples, dates draw Berry, oats are much mucus. Mucus acts Island cholesterol and excreted from the body. For insoluble fiber. To prevent constipation, natural laxatives.
6. Choose a diet with low energy. Such as fruit, yogurt, natural flavor.
7. Training Plan If you have to eat to a party. In the days prior to the party to choose low-fat, high fiber diet first.
8. A modified food to low-energy food. Such as salad dressing, it was found that the oil component. If a modification of a water salad dressing. It will be a low-fat diet.
9. If you still abstaining tea, not coffee. Time, do not drink brew with sugar or creamer.
10. Exercise regularly It helps keep the body healthy.

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