Eat the rich sense

Eat the rich sense
Taste is a bias Should help to remind yourself to reduce the craving to have some If you do not understand that eating well indulge the mouth can cause poisoning.
Man is born to eat it. Because if you do not have to eat dead But dying is not like eating. Who ate all should take care to eat a lot. Previous studies that surely must have something that should be how how and what is appropriate. Do not take away the passion. Mental mental appetite is ordered to eat to satisfy the lust of the body mind You should keep in mind that the punishment threat is very easy to generate. Subject of obesity is very current. Solution to solve the mind of someone else before.
Need to increase the power of consciousness. Eating non-release oral and indulge to solve using the pills. The fact is, if not more, can not eat fat. But if it is shown that obesity has a lot to eat. There are 2 types of food ...
Food of the body means that the food we are eating today to nourish your body. The food, the mind is a good idea if the mental thinking mind is good food. If you think too much mental mental mental distraction will be no flexibility in obesity. But the opposite ideas, if not mental, it is witless Therefore mental training must think decent Thought to be required. The mental intelligence. This allows better control physically and verbally. Expression, it would be nice as well.
Therefore, to feed the body to survive for long. Care had to fit. In fact, the wish to eat or eat a lot of mental behavior.
Food consumption and body fit. Food should be first class. Were germinated from the soil directly Such as vegetables, seeds, cereal And various herbs.
Meat is food for the second floor. Because animals must eat plants. Or animals together. Before you turn into meat does not come directly from the soil.
So eating is very important. Consciousness should be directed over Fixation is known to eat part of the mouth, be careful. Beware tongue, which is responsible for the mouth to eat and speak properly. So must consciousness or mind in all actions.
Try looking at yourself with a fat belly stick out or not. If yes, you still can not muster enough to eat. Allowing too much weight will cause such diseases as much again. Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis etc., so you should be able to overcome the wish to control the consumption reduced.
1.Before eating food, look, look for about 15 minutes each time. And consider what is harmless. What to eat, then eat, then what use is the penalty. How to eat to be fit. How to choose good food.
2.We stared to eat food to determine whether these nutrients to nourish the body. The body has the power to make useful.
3.To use a small spoon to scoop mouth by a small bite to eat slowly, about 20-30 times before swallowing. Chew until the food runs out the taste in the mouth and then swallow. Do not think good or not good. But to allow for chewing sour taste sweet salty and so on that thought lost, these nutrients are beneficial. If it is a good fit to eat. It is not good to eat a lot.
4.Try eating cereal seeds, medicinal plants, vegetables and fruits are mainly Eat but little meat. Eating fruits and vegetables will easily digested and nutrients are absorbed into the body slowly. Plant fiber will help absorb water in the intestine. And slowly absorbed into the body slowly. Will often not thirsty. In addition, fiber from the plants will help absorb toxins into the body to be less And driving out of excretion. Same time, fiber will make it better with excretion.
5.Eat but little meat. And every time you eat slowly, chew any details. So easy to digest.
If you are conscious of eating. Should know what to eat. What should not eat. How much to eat. Denial is not known to enjoy eating with passion. Spend conscious mind forced to eat properly. Never lovers tastes. You should be someone who has both mental and physical health one ever.

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