Get to know how to correct each other drink better

drink better
Human health will improve with a simple way. Is to drink enough water each day. By following a simple formula.

1.The amount that should drink each day. The following formula. Weight in kilograms divided by 2 multiplied by 2.2, then multiply by 30. For example, weights 55 kg was 55 / 2 x 2.2 x 30 = 1815 cc. But not until we have to measure drinking. Just a rough figure clear mind to drink the proper body of each person only.

2.How to drink Most do not drink enough. Even know whether to drink despite much. Because of lack of time. How often will fill big glass of water each. Bottoms up drinking straight tilt. Then there Paraeidpoan as well to hold urine for a long time And bladder disease or Cgmrneny. And chronic inflammation of the bladder to tell you that already. How ingenious is drinking. Plan to fit the rhythm of drinking and taking off. When a full bladder just started. Because after each drinking water to the bladder to the destination about a half hour. Example, before leaving work or before going to bed an hour cease to drink water and take out all the time. Bladder will be empty and the rest in.. Or gently used. Drinking gradually in small increments. Then go to the bathroom as soon as the pain began when the bladder has not taken out all remaining outstanding. Because it does not absorb water as long and exhaustive This will only sympathize with the bladder. Health will be strong. Behavior and disease from the bladder with no harm was intended.

3.The type of water Clean water is not hot is not good cold. Should eat and drink after meals then 40 minutes. Do not drink while eating or immediately after meals. Because it will dilute the gastric juice. The digestion was not fully carried out in.. Range should eat soup or drink soup in.. The milk and juice to drink after a meal and two hour will give digestible Abstaining, tea, coffee and Alcohol Hall. This usually stimulates the secretion of gastric juice And cause of lesions in the stomach.

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