Health aging

Health aging
1. Avoid the sun. If it does, the sun should wear a hat or umbrella wings wide. If the sun should exercise using sunscreen that can filter both ultraviolet A (PPD were more) and ultraviolet B (the SPF, Sun Purotecting Factor greater than 30). To apply approximately 30 minutes before the sun. And the appropriate amount (about 2 grams or cream squeeze one of the index finger. On one cheek side).
2. Reduce the cracking of the skin. This causes inflammation. By using mild soap or bath cream. Reduce dry and apply lotion after bathing regularly.
3. Abstaining tobacco, and avoid places with smoke high
4. Avoid areas with high pollution and car fumes. Such as the street traffic.
5. Reduce foods with high antioxidant. Such as the oil repeated frying.
6. The diet containing oxidant that is important. Natural vitamin C in fruits and vegetables, green like guava, apple, lettuce, etc.. The adequacy and consistency. Vitamin C works well with Vitamin E, which are in eggs, meat, animal food should be balanced, all. Vitamin C is quickly destroyed by heat. It should eat only fresh fruit. Water, fruit juice and fresh vegetables.
7. Reduce stress issues. Meditation for Peace. Such as meditation, sports or a relaxing hobby to do on a regular basis.
8. The use of medicines reduce free radicals. Such as eating, vitamin C, vitamin E, comb type substances such as coenzyme Co Coenzyme Q, etc..'s How the high cost. Ideal for those who want to see quick results clearly. Pharmaceutical claims that aging is a very However, studies confirm that there is not much benefit. Some claim to be true, such as medication with collagen. The hope is to replace collagen decreased. By not knowing that the process of degradation in the digestive system to degrade collagen eat into amino acids. Before sending to the blood stream to create collagen. Eating collagen does not have the difference from eating animal protein such as meat, egg, milk, soy.

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