How to avoid dandruff

avoid dandruff
- Shampoo with cold water. Will allow the scalp without drying and peeling the husk. The cause of dandruff. I also made a soft sleek look.
- Avoid sun areas. Because of the importance of sun damage, hair and scalp. The dry scalp. Hair point bulge lack weight and shine.
- Massage Therapy eliminate dandruff. Every time the hair should be gently massage head. This not only helps relieve stress and can eliminate dead cells from your scalp to peel off more easily.
- Select the appropriate shampoo. JANUVIA should be used to help eliminate dandruff shampoo regularly. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly after every shampoo. To eliminate residual chemicals on the scalp.
- Eating nutritious foods. Eat foods that contain iron, zinc, vitamin B, C and E are always in order to nourish the scalp.

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