How to reduce belly sexy fit

belly sexy fit
Lie by lifting the knees to erect Then lift the upper body from the ground up. By hand on a temple or on the thighs, inhale a deep breath. Neck bent down and leaned forward, head down to the lowest Similar to the sit position - up from 1-2 and then breathe out slowly and hold. And then turn left - right by the face and body fell into the traditional alternating Then come back to the original positions.

So you start by bending the neck in comfort level as previously. In case you fell into the hosel. This posture helps to manage. Neck muscles to be flexible. Lower abdomen and the abdominal muscles strong.

Prone to drop the elbow perpendicular to the body. You then lift the body up . By using lean ground toe. Widpoืgn similar position. But instead of using hand lean arms up. You make the body into the elbow bracket. Lift and hold 5-10 seconds, then lower the body down.

Lie supine on the floor to put her arm away from the body slightly. To stay in a comfortable position. Then, lift both feet up to the scene and feel tight, legs and abdomen. Lift and hold for 5 seconds and then took down. Then, a new lift and hold for 10 seconds.

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