How well carsick

Front row seat and facing the front of the car. It sat next to the car and look forward to making the eyes and ears of our perception of movement of the car altogether. The organs that control balance in the inner ear. Therefore less likely drunk.

Imagine yourself as the driver lost themselves. Because the driver is not drunk car when the car will turn left, turn right, it foresee and realize now that the body must rotate and turn the car the brain, it will stick situation clearly. No more confusion.
Look to the distant horizon to catch from time to time. To the brain ensure that what is and what is below what is left is right, while the vehicle or vehicles moving in circles around to find look at what distance, and calm. And know ourselves moving while the vehicle or vehicles. astir Look far to find anything and still and know that we are moving to the point that while still To know the status and location of brain self-correct

Do not read or intended to look at whatever is small. And shake or movement on the car. Because the movement of materials in the car, we do not go together. To confuse the brain to the exact location of the self.
Set the head to match. The head is still. Time car turns it intends know are turning to the turning of the vehicle. Do not go head leaning against the car to shake with the force of impact and any movement on the car. If they are leaning to use after November Neu upon by the head upright. Do not fall down or something leaning next to the head end. To put myself in a swing state was arrested when the car turns around.

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