Kimura Takuya throw the best movie Asia's top budget The Space Battleship Yamato

Kimura Takuya to throw the perfect end of the movie action sci-fi. Asia's top budget in the past 10 years with The Space Battleship Yamato.

When there is news that there will be a cartoon series on The Space Battleship Yamato. The movie has also been carefully selected for the main actors of the story. It was now the team is lucky to be Kimura Takuya singer and actor known. Idol handsome darling girls throughout Asia. The recognition that no one would be better suited than him again. When receiving oral Kimura Takuya fall movie player. That would certainly not ordinary matter. He was named the subject of careful in choosing jobs. . And when the film, which is dedicated to our best ability. Like an epic comic series about great minds and dominate Asia for a long time. That have been created as a movie action sci-fi end of this grand. And considered the movie to be called the capital build up in the past 10 years in Japan. Using a budget of more than 30 million dollars.

Kimura Takuya is the role for the challenge again. He plays as Susumu Kodai cadet forces, protection of the world's naval base space Yamato. By Kimura Takuya reveal feelings that this lesson has been that I have a duty to be responsible. For the love of anime that everyone who becomes a movie that was premiered. I feel that they are part of the movie franchise that will happen in the future. Kimura Takuya called using the strength and tenacity and dedication to this issue. In addition to perfection. He is also willing to reduce his labor cost. To increase the cost to build. Willing to take, including repairs in a scene is not complete. Until they come out best. To not let the audience look forward to be disappointed.

The film The Space Battleship Yamato. Is a movie that has a long history of origin more than 36 year of cartoon animation as classic. Before being taken to create a film that uses the job more than 4 years and 9 months filming. So that film is a meta War action sci-fi. The movie will open in BC 2011, truly Asia.

The Space Battleship Yamato. A story that happened in the Year 2199. The world has been invaded by Want Church to force people to choose whether to surrender or extinction. If men choose to be shot against the bomb.
Filled with radioactive meteorite. Earth's surface is arid The men have emigrated to ground. But when the radiation is about to infiltrate the base of the final commitment. Force save the world, so the project had to dig the battleship Yamato was sunk in the shooting World War II. Adapted for use as a space shuttle mission to find planets. And bring the world to help remove radioactivity. They have a limited time only less than years.

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