Last Ranker Original Soundtrack

Last Ranker Original Soundtrack
Last Ranker Original Soundtrack
Published By : Suleputer
Release Date : 28 July 2010
Catalog No. : CPCA-10218/9
Number of Discs : 2

Disc 1
1.Main Theme of "LAST RANKER"
2.Wanderers, Look Up at the Sky
3.Ghandoar, a Gorgeous Capital
4.During the Oath
5.A Breeze Blowing Towards Tomorrow
6.Stand on The Earth
7.What Awaits in the Deep Forest
8.Beyond This World of Woe
9.Born to Survive
10.Feudal Organization Bazalta
11.An Uncertain Destination
12.What Draws Near
13.The Evinos
14.A Round Table Conference
15.The Town with an Exotic Fragrance
16.The Flower Blooms on That Shore
17.La Valse Noire
18.The Bloom of Passion
19.Sleeping in Deep Sorrow
20.Only One Goes
21.This Journey without End
22.Glorious Fights We Call "Life"

Disc 2
1.Before a Powerful Radiance
2.Mystery and Secret
3.Battle on the Resonal Coast
4.A Knot of Wind
5.Ice and Darkness
6.Distant Sea
7.Furnace of War
8.On That Distant Old Land
9.Crudelis et Magnificus
10.Fatum Foedus
11.The Tower Marked with History
12.Be the LAST RANKER -Battle Ver.-
13.The Truth Handed Down
14.Crudelis et Magnificus
15.Infinite Spiral
16.A Path Carved with Glorious Fights
17.During the Training
18.Invitation to The World of "LAST RANKER"

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