Longevity is not sure if sleep late

sleep late
Sleeping late, adversely affect the body's systems are.
1.Digestive system. Cause flatulence, indigestion, motion raw meat should not eat animal meat because of the small intestine to work hard. Even though we went to sleep late, but still small intestine is the food. Waking up early symptoms are often run down
2.Complication body dehydration. If you sleep late, we usually get to the bathroom frequently. Because the body needs more water. Muscle inside to take pressure off energy use. The result is frequent urination, the minerals in the body is excreted with urine and sweat calcium tablets should be taken only one tablet is enough.
3.Respiration system. The body will be taken to the exchange of oxygen into venous blood must have moisture. When the humidity will make it less uncomfortable. Suffocate
4.System, kidneys and kidneys work harder to sleep late.
5.Surface to bed late because of the skin is dry. Immediately went to bed early than late at night during sleep.

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