Nendoroid Petite Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure Set: Angel Beats! Set 02

Angel Beats! Set 02
Nendoroid Petite: Angel Beats! Set 02 Good Smile Company, Official Nendoroid Figure, Height: approx. 60mm.
The afterlife wars are nonetheless in full swing within the Nendoroid Petit world. Regardless of how small and chubby they change into, they're nonetheless as deadly as always. All three characters include their useful weapons.

Right here comes the mechanical-wanting Angel along with her hand sonic, Yui, the principle vocalist in Girl Dead Monster together with her guitar, and the amnesiac protagonist Otonashi together with his Glock 17.

Keep in mind the touching scene ultimately where Angel smiles? you'll have the opportunity re-create that additional the extra face half included within the package.

Another set of three Nendoroid Petite figures from “Angel Beats!”, this time featuring Tenshi, the student council president of the afterlife, Otonashi, the main character who awakens with amnesia of the time he was alive and Yui, who was the adorable vocalist and guitarist of the band Girls Dead Monster.

Each figure comes with optional items, such as Tenshi’s Hand Sonic parts, Otonashi’s gun and Yui’s guitar, allowing for a variety of different poses and scenes to be remade in Nendoroid form. Tenshi also comes with two facial expressions: her standard emotionless face, as well as the smiling face that she showed in the final episode.
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