Nexon Star

Nexon Star
Nexon Star
Published By : Nexon
Release Date : 2010
Catalog No. : N/A
Number of Discs : 1

1.Start Over
2.Star Child
3.My Star
5.Farm Star
6.FX #1 / Time Over
7.Seaside Romance
8.FX #2 / Game Over
9.That's mine
10.FX #3 / Winner
11.Wheel Of Fortune
12.FX #4 / Loser
13.Coffee and TV
14.Grow UP !!
16.Push Push
17.FX #5 / Level Up
18.Sunnyside Up
19.Bling Bling

This work is about Video Game Soundtrack from Nexon game studio. Most games of this company are online type. They bought other game studios to conquer the world. It focuses on Girls' boobs and body rather than the interest in online game. I think they did very well. The sex craving will win everything. Now, Nexon is one of the top online game companies of the world, driven by the craving.

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