Prepare the skin with cold air

Prepare the skin
1. When winter visitors. Moisture is reduced. Body is used to extract more. The skin becomes dry or crack the husk easily. The first thing to do is to drink water that much more. Because body water is absorbed into the cells faster than other types of water.
2. If you care to use the surface texture, light and perfect for hot weather. I keep it cool before entering into the incubator. Then give a little additional investment. Buy skin care or an intensive beef Oil Base to use enough in winter to gradually take over the original return is better.
3. Cleanser type of serum or Essence Skin Care Alliance came before the Time Boys meet the riser. In addition to meat, light absorption into the skin easily then. To help speed the recovery by the skin better.
4. Massage at least once a week to help stimulate blood circulation under the skin's natural oils and moisture to the skin better.
5. If the normal body scrub once a week. Asked to extend into 2 to 3 weeks at a time. To keep moisture trapped under the skin. And select products that moisturize the skin. By simple observation. After the skin is not dry tight If the symptoms are different surface dust Asked to avoid polishing before it is better.
6. Even though the weather is cold, how I have to force myself to get touched. No boiling water bath over 34 degrees Celsius. Because the fat coating your skin will be washed away more than usual.
7. After a bath or wash your face. Use soft towel. No need to dry. Apply care products, and let fully absorbed.
8. If you do not like the cream because it feels sticky. After bathing, immediately anointed oil all over the body. Then lining the rat hair gently with a cloth.
9. If you want to relax. Soak in warm water to soak up 10 minute, do not forget to drop of oil or cream into a milk bath with
10. Tip dry scaly skin rejuvenation preliminary To bring a towel or lint moistened tasteless cold milk onto the dry skin or irritation. Leave for 5 minutes then rinse. Lactic acid in milk will peel off dead skin cells. And add moisture to the skin.
11. During the day, spray mineral water spray carpet face. To add moisture and add a fresh feel.
12. This period should be buying skin care products for dry skin and noted in particular. Most products are oil or cream is highly concentrated. The lotion is suitable for meat during the summer over
13. Face mask once a week. The discs were face masks in the freezer before use. In addition to helping restore the skin and helps tighten pores with
14. Recipe homemade face masks homemade simple. Is a half cup of mashed avocado mixed with honey 1-4 cup until combined. Pok leave 10 minute and then rinse with water. Avocado oils adds moisture to the skin.
15. In the morning I washed my face with water do not need to wash with soap To maintain the natural oil coating.
16. Shift from cleaning products face rigid polyurethane foam. A cream or oil is suitable for skin over
17. Avoid the use of various acid products. Such as the AHA BHA because these products do shed skin cells. Dry skin even more.
18. Carry lip balm pocket always. If meat lip balm on your lips start to dry quickly when picking the paint immediately.
19. Even though winter is not sunny. Women still have to use the product protects the skin from the sun, just like in the summer because no matter what time. UV radiation is all that exists.
20. Skin around the heels to break more easily. Care should be used to fondle foot across. Special emphasis on the heel. Then use some baby powder paint. To absorb it before wearing the shoes.

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