Preservation techniques vitamins in vegetables

Preservation vegetables
- Keep vegetables and green leafy vegetables are stored. Such as kale, Guangdong, coriander, etc. should be in boxes or plastic bags. Tightly closed. Then dip it in the refrigerator vegetable bins.

The vegetables or roots. Such as potatoes, carrots, etc. to keep in check the Sun transplant easily. Such as the pantry to eat vegetables will keep longer without losing nutritional value.

- Prepare vegetables women should not cut all the vegetables are prepared for a long time Hands before cooking. Do not cut too small. Because the vitamins in vegetables are lost easily.

Also, do not soak vegetables in water and then cut. This will cause loss of many vitamins. Which can be dissolved in the water.

- Cooked vegetables should not be time to cook vegetables in the pot. While the water is not boiling. Because vegetables may lose some vitamins to heat.

Cook the remaining vegetables and vitamins, most I have to cook any hot water. And the minimum amount of time. The vegetables will help you to lose less food.

If using a microwave, it should enter the water, but less. Fried or steamed vegetables in the best way to maintain the value of vegetables. Vegetables and water during cooking should not leave To take time to make soup.

- Eat vegetables I may eat some raw vegetables. By eating foods with spicy chili, or to quench the hotness Eat a snack or play some more.

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