Sweat but do not waste water

Drinking water is healthy and balanced body. Volume much. We have simple instructions.
Exercise to be physically tired moderate asthma. The heart continued to pump in a timely and regular basis. Helps the lungs and heart healthy. Overall health, strength. Far from serious diseases like obesity or diabetes easily.
Exercise sweat will make you feel fresh canned shift Reed Opera. When sweat is to drink water to compensate for water lost from the body in the form of perspiration. The drinking water is healthy, your body balance from before, during and after exercise have much volume. We have simple instructions.
Before exercise, drink enough water should be about 400-600 ml before exercise, some 1-2 hours in advance of all kinds. And the other 200-400 ml (half bottle -1 medium) for about 15 minutes before exercise. To prevent abdominal colic.
During exercise. While exercise fun. Sweaty body to adjust and maintain the temperature balance. Therefore, to avoid dehydration body. In the case of the exercise is less than 60 minute stay, you should drink water every 15-20 minute per 200 ml (1 / 2 bottles left). In case the warning that the body is dehydrated. Sticky saliva, such as parched, it should stay a little drink before returning to exercise some 2-3 gulp still good or if the exercise intensity and lose more sweat. Drinking mineral salt may be added. To increase blood sugar. Prevent weak and tired, shocked. This should provide a good drink with temperatures around 15-20 degrees Celsius to increase absorption.
After exercise. Drinking water, offset the loss from the sweat of exercise depending on intensity. Simple compared with the weight before and after exercise. (So do not be mistaken or sauna after exercise will soon thin. In fact, because of water loss in the body separately.) Or amount of urine excreted time. If urine is dark, indicating that drinking water is not adequate to the needs of the body. And try to avoid drinking tea. Coffee or alcohol.
Thus, during exercise. Don''t enjoy and forget the burning of energy drink. Otherwise might be out of power And may cause symptoms to dehydration, shock was. The best water is water and exercise.

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