Berryz Koubou on grasp 2 proper lives

Berryz Koubou
Hello!Project band Berryz Koubou want grasp 2 proper lives, 1 this month and 1 in Jan 2011. The lass wish render toward Odaiba MEGA WEB City Showcase upon the earliest level at the Mega Stage and it wish be hold on Dec 23rd 2:00 post meridiem. The name of the competition is call INZUMA WINTER in MEGA WEB Special Live.

The next display desire be on Jan 1 2011 position of Ikebukuro Amlax at Tokyo. There wish be 2 presents on that day, one at 1:30 PM and one more at 3:30 PM. all will be specific visitor that assist praise Amlax's 20th Anniversary also the incident is called INAZUMA Winter Festival in AMLAX.

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