Fate Stay Night 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Saber Alter Movic Ver. (Re-run)

Saber Alter Movic
Fate/stay night 1/8 Saber Alter Complete Figure Movic, Official Fate Stay Night Figure, Weapon included, Height: approx. 20cm
The king knights transformed into a dark shadow lord when you win. His powers are shown through her eyes and Inhuman or creeping red veins on the cheeks. Each dish on his armor is made to perfection, with all sharp edges with glitter and danger. The black gown rippled like water on his boots, armor, which gives grace the deadliest.

Movic is bringing the popular Saber Alter figure first released in 2008 back on sale. It’s a figure of one of Toda Satoshi’s popular garage kits, but with a larger scale and more detail than the original kit. The figure comes with two different heads to choose from – one wearing a mask and one without, you can pick whichever you prefer!

You can also place her together with the new ‘Sakura Matou ~Makiri’s Grail~’ figure from Gift, as the stands interconnect with each other!
Description from Manufacturer

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