Japan is hot because girls SNSD and KARA

Between girls band SNSD and girl group KARA Which band will win. 'Sales sheet # 1' to rule over Japan.

The struggle for most CD sales in Japan of two girls from the band competition that heated air in the wrong with this. Tower Records Japan's music charts revealed that sales for the year 2010 is special. On December 10 last. Three album package 'Run devil Run' of the SNSD girls are ranked # 1 in charts K-Pop, A Korean music album with the highest sales in Japan

Album sales for each of the young band SNSD. All share is. 'Genie'112, 724 pages,' Gee'124, 978 pages, 'Hoot'18, 232 disc DVD concert and SNSD have sales up to 81,034 sheet of the sales of this very high on the international market for the first time. Indicates that the success is very good.

KARA is also the sales by SNSD came very near them, so now those fans are all equal attention to both girls in this band. Year 2010 album 'Year 2007-2010 Total hits' of the young band KARA can be charted as high as number 2. But in the same month last November. SNSD girl band to win a position to dominate easily. KARA girl band's album sales, with equally high with the band SNSD pure speculation. 'Mr' 96,463 sheets, 'Jumping' 85,506 sheets, and best-selling album. All songs KARA 'Best album' sales of up to 113,272 sheets, 'Girls Talk' 142,596 sheets ever.

On December 22 this young band will SNSD released album 'Hoot' in Japanese. The girls group KARA Show off each other to come out as ad presenters.

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