Kumi Koda set off tracklist for billboard live DVD

Kumi Koda
Kumi Koda pop fairy queen wish be publish her ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~ at billboard live DVD at 9 Feb and the artist gain eventually display the satisfaction of the publish.

It has be 10 years inasmuch as the artist firstly public appear formally and in festivity, Kumi Koda hold a set of 16 hoarding lives. Everything of the operations be hold in minute venues, numerous various from her enormous field concerts and it still highlighted a live troupe. The billboard live concentrate chiefly on her current put on album publish but Kumi Koda in addition render any of her classical hits such as Ai no Kotoba and Koi no Uta for admirers to relish.

Wholly, the DVD will have approximately 70 minutes of concert efficiency. To best it off the initial reprint of the performance will come with an exceptionally 20 minutes of a documentary highlight that will go back the part of the billboard live. This base can simply be see on the firstly impression at the DVD so fans finer reach willing to pre-order this specific publish!

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