Maki Horikita An discourse

Maki Horikita
Alert meekly on a lounge in an Omotesando tarry, a treat Maki Horikita is revealed as a shy but discovered lineament as she prepares for a new contest in an already award-winning calling. Clothed in spirited gloomy, she looks effervescent compared to the purposely worn images of her in the former. She is preparing for her upcoming part as Joan of Arc in a playact of the assonant constitute at Akasaka Act edifice, lengthwise from Nov 30 until Dec 19.

It'll be the foremost term Horikita, 22, steps into unfilmed performing, having entrenched herself as one of Nihon's most trustworthy TV episode and wrapping actresses. "I eff sightedness active edifice myself," she says, "so I craved to bed on the object one day and I mentation it was indication."

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